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RefineRE Market Intelligence helps to identify commercial real estate leases that are priced either over or under market while calculating potential risk and cost savings. Gain visibility into detailed corporate lease comparisons and access general market data reporting tools to stay up to date on performance trends across your CRE portfolio.
screenshot of the RefineRE markets module, for better decision-making using market transaction comps
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Benefits of RefineRE’s Market Intelligence

Make better decisions using best-in-class, unbiased market transaction comps that are relevant and specific to your commercial real estate assets.

  • Pinpoint cost savings opportunities
  • Explore real estate data across the U.S. in any market or submarket
  • Examine individual comps per lease/location to help justify renewals/relocations
  • Follow key trends over time
  • View your commercial real estate portfolio through a cost and opportunity perspective for better planning of both upcoming additional cost and saving opportunities
  • Leverage real-time market to market reporting
  • Access proactive transaction timing analysis
  • Gain visibility into unbiased real estate market data instead of relying on your brokers’ biased data

How Market Intelligence Helped a Global Engineering Firm Implement a $9.1MM Savings Plan

The Head of Real Estate at a global, privately-owned engineering and construction firm and their brokerage.

This organization didn’t have access to data they needed relative to their markets and portfolio spend necessary to work toward their footprint reduction goal of 6 desks for every 10 employees. Because their brokerage wanted to give the client a trustworthy pool of data, we partnered with both the broker and the occupier to provide a defendable source of unbiased information.

With Market Intelligence, this real estate team can see if they’re spending over- or under-market to help them understand how much they can save and when they can save it. They now have the ability to view risks and opportunities per square foot and cost implications of vacant rent across their portfolio.

The team used Market Intelligence to implement a $9.1MM savings plan by rightsizing portfolio for vacant rent across 17 core sites.

Features of RefineRE’s Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence delivers the real estate market intelligence you need to make the most cost-effective decisions across your entire commercial portfolio with features such as:

Portfolio Rent Audit summarizes both savings and risk as a function of total annual lease cost. It uses nearby lease comps and directly compares them to the $/PSF that you are currently paying.

Audit Data Details allows you to view the details of each comp as it compares to your current leased location. Just hover over points on the map to get more detail, filter locations and explore different markets of interest.

Market Explorer is a general market reporting tool enabling you to explore and filter real estate data by market.

Submarket Explorer allows you to drill down further into refined submarkets.

Performance Trends takes historical data from past uploads and trends it over time with a focus on market intelligence data.

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