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A comprehensive solution to help you make complex decisions faster

RefineRE is a first-of-its-kind system. Combine your data with our market intelligence for actionable information and empower your portfolio managers to drive cost-savings and portfolio optimization.

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Founder's Note

Ryan Turner

Hello and thank you for taking interest in our platform.

The RefineRE platform aligns with what we’ve learned are values important to corporate real estate occupiers —supporting your technology investment and empowering digital transformation, for faster and more precise decision making. We’ve outlined how our product and our team endeavors to enhance and support this growing need in the corporate real estate industry.

We recognize that no two organizations use or view real estate the same way, so we’ve outlined key objectives, a typical timetable, cost structure, and a framework for achieving a successful implementation of RefineRE.

Meet Our Team

Ryan Turner

CEO, RefineRE

Peter Holland

CEO, BenchCore

Ron Zappile

COO, BenchCore

Raymond Nomizu

CIO, BenchCore

Will Schueler

Chief of Staff

Casey Easley

Account Executive

Lauren Roecker

Customer Success Manager

John Friel

Data Visualization Lead

Mallory Pitts

Marketing Associate

Patty Howland

Senior Analyst

Ericka Koenigsberg

Onboarding Lead

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Your leases, properties, and markets in one place
Connected to your people and your business
A single platform to drive CRE optimization

Your leases, properties, and markets in one place

RefineRE is the single source of truth for all of your properties - going beyond critical dates and lease data - and giving you actual insights that drive decisions. Mark-to-market in real-time, all of the time. Property details like loan data and tax information at your fingertips. Traditional and flex pricing and availability built right in and updated daily. We make sure you're the smartest person in the room.

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Connected to your people and your business

Stop managing research projects and start putting your data to work. RefineRE connects seamlessly to any internal data source, giving you full control and allowing you to model any scenario that the business throws your way in minutes. Cost per FTE across a specific business? By job function? For the last nine weeks? No problem.

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A single platform to drive CRE optimization

RefineRE brings you closer to your team by giving you the ability to tell visual stories about your sites, business units, and markets so that you can optimize for the right amount of space at the right price across your entire portfolio. Build a scenario with great data and share it with anyone in your organization in minutes.

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