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Commercial real estate industry experts with decades of experience.

RefineRE’s commercial real estate software offers comprehensive data and analytics solution to help you make complex decisions faster.

RefineRE is a first-of-its-kind CRE data, analytics, and benchmarking software. Combine your data with our market intelligence for actionable information and empower your portfolio managers to drive cost-savings and portfolio optimization.

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Leadership Team

Ryan Turner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Holland


Ron Zappile


Founders Note

Ryan Turner

Hello and thank you for taking interest in our platform.

The RefineRE platform aligns with what we’ve learned are values important to corporate real estate occupiers —supporting your technology investment and empowering digital transformation, for faster and more precise decision making. We’ve outlined how our product and our team endeavors to enhance and support this growing need in the corporate real estate industry.

We recognize that no two organizations use or view real estate the same way, so we’ve outlined key objectives, a typical timetable, cost structure, and a framework for achieving a successful implementation of RefineRE.

The RefineRE Suite

Real Estate Data Transparency Starts Here

Data Foundations








With BenchCore, you’ll be able to benchmark granular and FM-related real estate metrics on a global scale, gain valuable insights, make better strategic decisions, and easily share findings with your organization’s stakeholders.

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screenshot of the RefineRE BenchCore module used for benchmarking of your commercial real estate portfolio

Data Foundations

The ability to view and analyze all of your key real estate data in one, easy-to-navigate dashboard is essential to being able to make defendable short- and long-term decisions about your real estate portfolio.

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Data Foundations

Environmental Social Governance

Demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship and fuel sustainable growth for your organization with RefineRE ESG. This advanced module analyzes and benchmarks carbon footprint and emissions data by using the electrical spend by lease from your dataset.

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screenshot of the RefineRE ESG module for tracking your sustainability footprint, as well as water and energy spend


Would your organization benefit from transitioning to a flex workspace? Find out with RefineRE FLEX. With FLEX, you’ll be able to Identify which leases could benefit most from transitioning to flex space and examine details of individual flex space options nearby.

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screenshot of the RefineRE FLEX module, used to show optimum commercial real estate lease candidates for flexible working

Market Intelligence

RefineRE Market Intelligence helps to identify leases that are priced either over or under market while calculating potential risk and cost savings. Gain visibility into detailed lease comparisons and access general market reporting tools to stay up to date on performance trends across your portfolio.

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screenshot of the RefineRE markets module, for better decision-making using market transaction comps

Portfolio Manager

The RefineRE Portfolio Manager brings together the standard real estate portfolio data you rely on every day, tracking and analyzing your most critical data points including transactions, portfolio trends and key dates.

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screenshot of the RefineRE portfolio module, providing data on your entire commercial real estate portfolio

Workplace Analytics

RefineRE Workplace Analytics uncovers the key metrics you need to help ensure cost efficient use of every square foot of your workspace. Using data such as employee and desk counts, Workplace Analytics pinpoints both under- and over-utilized space and identifies cost savings by calculating vacant rent across your entire portfolio.

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screenshot of the RefineRE workplace module for optimizing space efficiency through data

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