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Finally. A platform designed for Corporate Real Estate Executives like you.

Imagine if you could build a business case for all of your locations based on real market data, actual headcounts or utilization and other key metrics from your various internal systems, and then benchmark all of it against the market in about 15 minutes.

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Key Objectives

Activate and Elevate your role with answers at your fingertips

With RefineRE, your data belongs to you empowering your team to nurture mutually beneficial relationships among the broker community.


Why RefineRE?

Manage, Report, and Optimize in real-time

Aggregate & Report In Real-Time

Expedite Transactions & Reduce Costs

Spot Opportunity & Perform Market Analysis

Department Collaboration & Organized Onboarding

Project Management Tool Integration

Portfolio Optimization & Product Comparison

Customized Reports & Efficient Delivery

Support Strategic Decision & Risk Assessment


RefineRE Technology

Technology that actually makes your life easier

Seamless Onboarding

We know that you’re not in the data business and that you don’t want to be. Our highly trained team of experts will get you onboarded in weeks, not months.

Simple, Intuitive Navigation

You need to be able to dig in on big challenges right away, not spend months learning new software. We built this platform for you and the questions that constantly come your way. It shouldn’t be complicated.

Storytelling Made Easy

CRE executives wear a lot of hats and have a variety of stakeholders that need convincing. Give them a visual backed by real-time data directly from the platform in minutes, not a home grown spreadsheet.

Demonstrate ROI on Every Decision

RefineRE is your business case builder; use it to document every decision for clarity and quantify the ROI of the actions you take.

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