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How do you measure up to other peer corporate occupiers or your other corporate locations around the world? As the foundation of the RefineRE Business Intelligence Suite, BenchCore empowers you to find out by giving your data context.

Boost your real estate benchmarking data with intelligence

With BenchCore, you’ll be able to benchmark granular and FM-related commercial real estate stats on a global scale, gain valuable insights, make better strategic decisions, and easily share findings with your organization’s stakeholders.

screenshot of the RefineRE BenchCore module used for benchmarking of your commercial real estate portfolio
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Benefits of RefineRE’s BenchCore Module

Gain access to the vast BenchCore community where you can ask questions, collaborate and analyze findings from the experts in the field, RefineRE.

  • Get a big picture view of your corporate real estate performance
  • Access proprietary data providing valuable insights you won’t get anywhere else
  • Get RefineRE Customized Solutions—opportunity and market reports that deliver comprehensive insights into specific geographic regions of portfolios
  • Realign your internal data warehouse

BenchCore Features

Once your data is uploaded to our platform, BenchCore performs a 52-step validation process across 77 different input fields for an apples-to-apples global benchmark you can trust

Generate benchmarking reports that show how your commercial real estate metrics measure up against leading global member organizations as contrasted by asset class, ownership type, geography, facility size, and more

Benchmark against peers and/or your own locations

Filter by region, country, city, asset class, ownership type, facility size

Get exclusive access to our entire community of leading commercial real estate experts

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The ability to view and analyze all of your foundational commercial real estate data in one easy-to-navigate dashboard is essential to being able to make defendable short- and long-term decisions about your commercial real estate portfolio.

Portfolio Module

The RefineRE CRE Portfolio Manager software module brings together the standard commercial real estate portfolio data you rely on every day, tracking and analyzing your most critical data points including transactions, portfolio trends, and key dates.

Markets Module

RefineRE’s Market Intelligence software module helps identify leases that are over or under priced while calculating potential risk and cost savings with commercial real estate market data. Gain visibility into detailed commercial lease comparisons and access general market reporting tools to stay up to date on performance trends across your commercial property portfolio.

ESG Module

Demonstrate leadership in corporate environmental stewardship and fuel sustainable growth for your organization with RefineRE’s ESG breakdown software module. This advanced CRE data module analyzes and benchmarks carbon footprint and emissions data by using the electrical spend by lease from your dataset.

FLEX Module

Would your organization benefit from transitioning to a flex workspace? Find out with RefineRE’s FLEX real estate software module. With FLEX, you’ll be able to identify which commercial leases could benefit most from transitioning to flex space and examine details of individual flex space options nearby.

Workplace Module

RefineRE’s Workplace Analytics software module uncovers the key metrics you need to help ensure cost-efficient use of every square foot of your commercial or corporate workspace. Using data such as employee and desk counts, our space utilization software pinpoints both under- and over-utilized space and identifies cost savings by calculating vacant rent across your entire portfolio.

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