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What RefineRE Does

RefineRE is a SaaS company that supports the commercial real estate industry by supplying benchmarking, data analysis, and usage tools all in one product suite.

Our tools are designed to assist corporate occupiers and commercial property managers optimize their current portfolio’s performance and make growth-oriented projections for future success.

RefineRE empowers you to track the metrics and KPI’s you’re most interested in, visualize findings in a way that’s easy to understand, and bring all team members closer to the insights so you can make defendable strategic decisions that matter.

In the wake of a pandemic that has turned the corporate real estate industry on its head, corporate occupiers understand the key to success is the ability to form and execute data-driven strategies around their real estate portfolios. As the future of the office continues to evolve, pressure to cut costs and re-evaluate long-term strategy continues to build. Because of the rapid change in the way organizations view real estate, there’s been a push to harness the power of data-driven decision-making that allows corporate occupiers to understand where they can optimize, divest, and regularly asses their assets to cut costs and achieve a strategic advantage. Introducing The RefineRE Suite – the industry standard data, analytics, and benchmarking solution made for Real Estate, Facilities, Workplace, and sustainability leaders to make informed decisions about their real estate portfolios. Because the RefineRE suite is technology agnostic and lays on-top of your existing business systems, speed to solution is virtually instant. We pull all critical data points and append with third party data giving complete historical, peer, and market context. The RefineRE Suite consists of 8 modules that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and among each other: Data Foundations, Real Estate Portfolio, Market Intelligence, Workplace, Benchmarking, Flex, ESG, and PDF Reporting. The Real Estate Portfolio module unlocks a supervisory layer and gives a wider view of your real estate portfolio at your fingertips by consolidating critical data points from disparate business systems. Make decisions using unbiased market transaction comps that are relevant and specific to your real estate assets using our Market Intelligence module. Using the Workplace module, real estate leaders can maximize space efficiency by aligning human capital and workplace strategies. Give context to your real estate portfolio by comparing your organization to yourself and your peers using the Benchmarking module. Build scenarios and determine associated costs with weighing your flexible space, work-from-home, and core office strategies with the FLEX module. With ESG, you can measure, analyze and optimize your sustainability footprint to increase investor capital, meet ESG commitments, and increase value. Each module is complete with trends and standard reports that can be exported and customized to your business in the click of a button. Schedule a demo of the RefineRE Suite to see these modules in action and get on the path to making smarter, better, faster real estate decisions.

Support better commercial real estate decisions for your business in real-time

RefineRE commercial property management software empowers you to track the metrics and KPIs you’re most interested in, visualize findings in a way that’s easy to understand, and bring all team members closer to the insights so you can make defendable strategic decisions that matter.

The RefineRE Suite

Real Estate Data Transparency Starts Here

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Data Foundations
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RefineRE offers 8 Modules that allow our users to visualize and analyze their data in unique ways to create actionable insights within your commercial property portfolio. Our commercial real estate software allows you to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get insights faster
  • Create reports more easily
  • Improve transparency
  • Eliminate broker-biased data and dependency
  • Manage acquisition/disposition globally
  • Give your data context by benchmarking against peers

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