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February 3 | 10:00 AM Central

“I can tell you how many slices of pizza we serve in a day, but I can’t tell you what it costs to occupy our real estate.” –Director of Global Facilities + Real Estate Operations @ an American Multinational Technology Services and Consulting Company

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Corporate real estate teams everywhere are struggling to manage critical data located across multiple spreadsheets and software systems in various departments within a large organization. Then there’s the battle of finding missing data, identifying outliers, and translating it so all the datasets speak to one another.

It’s a huge burden, but all this data wrangling is vital to the health of your corporate real estate portfolio. Having a solid data foundation is key to making informed, strategic decisions regarding your organization’s footprint.

Tune in February 3 at 10 am Central to learn:

  • What the data wrangling process should look like, no matter where you’re starting from
  • How the most competitive corporate real estate, workplace, facilities, and sustainability teams utilize clean data in order to drive business alignment and ultimately save time and money
  • What resources are available to make this otherwise burdensome process a manageable, scalable, repeatable process

Meet the Panelists

Will Schueler Headshot


As the Chief of Staff at RefineRE, Will has combined his love for commercial real estate and his passion for finance by leading operations and spearheading the company’s Data Foundations team. As the Head of Data Foundations, Will is charged with helping clients employ data, analytics, and benchmarking in order to make smarter, better, faster real estate decisions.

Will has been featured as a guest lecturer for CoreNet Global’s MCR Series on the topic of benchmarking.

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